IELTS Listening: Biometrics

Listen to a talk about biometrics, and fill each gap in the summary with one word only.

Two-part essay: Self-employment

Here’s my band 9 sample answer for the self-employment question that we’ve been working on. Make a list of the best phrases and collocations that I used.

Writing Advice: Sentence ‘pairs’

Writing “pairs” of sentences encourages you to develop coherent ideas, add detail, and use different cohesive devices (linking).

IELTS Reading: Book review

Read the excerpt from a book review and decide whether the statements are true, false or not given.

Essay writing: 13 sentence jobs

When you have a 13-sentence plan, it’s easy to write your essay. Just write a full sentence for each of the 13 points.

IELTS Advice: Changing your approach

Many students and teachers have the wrong approach to IELTS preparation and language learning. But some are seeing that there’s a better way!

IELTS Reading: John B. Calhoun

Read the passage about animal behaviour research, then decide which paragraph contains the given information.

Essay planning: 13 Sentences method

Here’s a different way to plan an essay. Perhaps you will prefer this method over the normal note-taking or brainstorming approaches.

When should you give your opinion?

Some essay questions ask for your opinion but others don’t. Make sure you only give your opinion when the question asks fo it.

Advice: Study vs Immersion

Are you trying to improve your English through study alone, or do you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language?

IELTS Reading: Volcanoes

Read the passage about volcanoes and decide whether the statements are true, false or not given.