IELTS Advice: ‘Cleaner’ sentences

This lesson contains an observation from a student about the difference between my teaching and the way IELTS is often taught.

IELTS Listening: John Dewey

Listen to a recording about the American philosopher John Dewey, and fill the gaps in the summary.

IELTS Advice: The other 75%

Remember that grammar is only 25% of your score, and it’s easier to improve the other 75%.

IELTS Listening: Spelling test

Many IELTS candidates lose marks because of spelling mistakes. See if you can spell the 10 words in today’s exercise.

Writing Task 1: Graph overview

In this lesson I’ll show you my introduction for the “radio and TV audiences” graph task, and I’ll ask you to write an overview paragraph.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Six main topics

If you’re preparing for the IELTS speaking test, make sure that you have some ideas for the six common topic areas in this lesson.

IELTS Reading: Notice the vocabulary

In all IELTS reading tests you’ll find good vocabulary. When you read an interesting word or phrase, do you notice it and write it down?

Full essay: Best time to be alive

Here’s my band 9 sample answer for the ‘best time to be alive’ question, plus a quick vocabulary exercise.

IELTS Grammar: More mistakes

Here are five sentences written by members of this site. Can you find and correct the mistake(s) in each one?

Writing Task 1: Graph report outline

Let’s start work on a new graph description task. In this lesson, I’ll show you my outline, and I’ll ask you to begin writing the report.

IELTS Speaking: Strange topics

What should you do if you encounter a strange question or topic that you haven’t prepared for or practised?

IELTS Listening: Sleep

Here’s a quick exercise featuring some very fast speech! See if you can keep up and fill the gaps.

Writing Task 2: Finish the paragraph

In this lesson we look at a more coherent plan for the “best time to be alive” question, and we start writing a paragraph for homework.

Writing Task 1: Paragraph organisation

Describing diagrams: In this lesson I use “signposting phrases” to improve two paragraphs about changes to a public park.