IELTS Listening: Film course

Try this multiple choice listening exercise about advice for students who are applying to a film-making course.

IELTS Reading: Collocation

If you want to become a better user of English, it’s important to understand what ‘collocations’ are.

Writing Task 1: Real report writing

In this lesson we analyse two examples of ‘real’ reports from non-IELTS sources. Let’s see if we can learn anything from them.

IELTS Listening: Underline the keywords

Before the recording starts, use the breaks to read through the questions and underline the key words that you’ll need to listen for.

IELTS Reading: False or not given?

Students are often confused by the difference between ‘false’ and ‘not given’. Here’s my basic advice.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Friends

Here are some part 3 questions with my model answers. To answer each question, I used my ‘longer answers’ technique.

IELTS Listening: Lifespan

Listen to the recording about the human lifespan, and fill the gaps in the summary sentences below it.

Writing Task 2: Paragraph cohesion

A paragraph can be said to have good cohesion if the sentences within it are somehow linked and work together to form a unit.

IELTS Reading: Multitasking

Read the passage about multitasking, and complete the ‘yes, no, not given’ task below it.

IELTS Advice: Don’t prioritise grammar

Have you been taught to prioritise grammar instead of ideas? Do you try to ‘force’ certain grammatical structures into your writing?

General Writing Task 1: Holiday feelings

In this lesson you can read my description of a holiday activity, and we then move on to describing our feelings about the holiday.