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IELTS Writing: Concede + answer

“Concede + answer” is both a sentence structure and a way to structure a complete essay. You should definitely learn this structure.

IELTS Listening: Microplastics

Listen to the recording about the problems caused by microplastics, and fill the gaps in the summary below it.

IELTS Reading: Etymology

Try today’s multiple choice exercise. From this lesson you’ll also learn the meaning of the word ‘etymology’.

Speaking Part 3: ‘Advice’ topic

What are the characteristics of a good adviser? Today’s lesson contains my sample answer to this question and two others.

IELTS Listening: Spending tips

Listen to some advice about how to reduce your spending, then try today’s multiple choice exercise.

IELTS Grammar: Can or could?

Let’s use a quick exercise to look at the difference between ‘can’ and ‘could’.

IELTS Reading: John Dewey

Read the passage about a famous American, and complete the ‘true, false, not given’ exercise below it.