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Writing Task 1: The overview

An IELTS examiner recently told me that the most common mistake in students’ writing task 1 answers is that there is no overview.

Speaking Part 2: Describe a prize

Describe a prize that you would like to win. Read my sample answer to get some good ideas and vocabulary for this task.

IELTS Reading: History of the computer

One possible question type in the IELTS reading test is “name matching”. This lesson contains a useful practice exercise.

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Cooking

Here are some more part 1 questions with my model answers. Today’s topic is ‘cooking’.

IELTS Advice: Message and word choice

Try this: Stop worrying about grammar, big words, impressing the examiner, your score, and what you’ve studied. Do this instead…

IELTS Listening: Spelling test

Many IELTS candidates lose marks because of spelling mistakes. See if you can spell the 10 words in today’s exercise.

Audiobook: Ideas for IELTS Topics

Today I’m sharing a full audio recording of my ebook “Ideas for IELTS Topics”. NOTE: This lesson might load slowly because it contains a large audio file.